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Renovation and value adding to your home

Michael Kingston Adding value to your home

Renovation and Value adding to your home

When you finally decide to start renovating one of the hardest following decisions to make is ‘Where do I start’ and ‘what will add the most value to my home’ ? It is especially more difficult when you have a shoe string renovation budget. Anyone who has looked at renovating is probably well acquainted with the knowledge that bathrooms and kitchens are at the top of the list. What about other value adding ideas that are highly sought after with buyers?

Here I will provide my top 9 ideas that I know buyers consider highly desirable features and that also make a home highly sought after.


  1. Outdoor Entertaining area with outdoor kitchen – If you can’t design your entertainment area to flow off the kitchen then a great option would be to add an outdoor kitchen. Ths is a great compromise if the idea of moving the kitchen doesn’t appeal.
  2. Deck with outdoor blinds – Depending on the aspect of the house and where on the block it’s positioned having a deck that you can continue to use all day especially when the afternoon sun comes in.
  3. Outdoor Fans. Again this is a great option when the reason we love the Queensland summer weather also makes it unbearable to enjoy your outdoor space. collage2
  4. Quality High-end appliances – Just like fixtures and fittings, quality appliances can put your home in a certain class when selling.
  5. Butler’s Pantry  – If you have a wall to knock down to add this space in, highly sought after especially amongst people who love entertaining using their kitchen as a focal point.
  6. LED lighting – Remote control optionscollage3
  7. Floor to wall Tiles in the Bathroom – Makes the bathroom look bigger as well as cooling the bathroom down as well as the fact all the modern bathrooms have this as a feature
  8. Plunge Pool with Glass fencing – Queensland weather calls for the need to be able to cool off. With beautiful pool landscaping, this area could entice anyone.
  9. Epoxy flooring or polished concrete in Garage with plenty of Storage – Becomes an extension of the home rather as just a space to house cars safely.

If you’re thinking of undertaking renovations or simply want to add a few special touches to your home, I would be more than happy to have a friendly chat at your convenience. Just give me a call on 0422 068 020.